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Title Author Publisher Category On Sale Date AR F&P Curriculum
Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780156421737
Alice Walker Houghton Mifflin Harcourt LITERARY CRITICISM
03/28/1986 General/Trade
Godard On Godard
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780306802591
Jean-luc Godard Da Capo Press PERFORMING ARTS 03/22/1986 General/Trade
Louis Pasteur
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780306802621
René Dubos Da Capo Books SCIENCE 03/22/1986 General/Trade
The Korean War
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780306802676
Matthew B. Ridgway Da Capo Press HISTORY 03/22/1986 General/Trade
The Pianist's Problems
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780306802690
William Newman Da Capo Books MUSIC 03/22/1986 General/Trade
Rise and Fall
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780156767088
Milovan Djilas Houghton Mifflin Harcourt HISTORY 03/20/1986 General/Trade
Little Gorilla
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780899194219
Ruth Bornstein Houghton Mifflin Harcourt JUVENILE FICTION 03/17/1986 Children/Juvenile
Sugar Blues
MASS MARKET, 9780446343121
William Dufty Grand Central Publishing HEALTH & FITNESS 03/17/1986 General/Trade
The Elves and the Shoemaker
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780899194226
Paul Galdone Houghton Mifflin Harcourt JUVENILE FICTION 03/17/1986 Children/Juvenile
Sleepless Days
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780156827652
Jurek Becker Houghton Mifflin Harcourt FICTION 03/14/1986 General/Trade
La prunelle des yeux
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246801757
Béatrix Beck Grasset FICTION 03/05/1986 General/Trade
Le Régent
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782213664149
Jean-Christian Petitfils Fayard HISTORY 03/05/1986 General/Trade
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246790372
Françoise Mallet-Joris Grasset FICTION 03/01/1986 General/Trade
FM - La folle histoire des radios libres
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246802525
Annick Cojean Grasset SOCIAL SCIENCE 03/01/1986 General/Trade
Théâtre T04
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246788133
Jean Giraudoux Grasset FICTION 03/01/1986 General/Trade
La France conteste
De 1600 à nos jours
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782213638966
Charles Tilly Fayard LITERARY CRITICISM 02/26/1986 General/Trade
Book of Lost Tales
Part One
TRADE PAPERBACK, 9780395409275
J.R.R. Tolkien Houghton Mifflin Harcourt FICTION 02/20/1986 General/Trade
Morland Dynasty 9
The Flood-tide
MASS MARKET, 9780751506464
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles Little, Brown and Company FICTION 02/20/1986 General/Trade
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246794417
Jean Baudrillard Grasset LITERARY CRITICISM 02/19/1986 General/Trade
Les mamantes
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246311690
Guy Dupré Grasset FICTION 02/19/1986 General/Trade
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246811435
Anne F. Garréta Grasset FICTION 02/19/1986 General/Trade
De Silence et de Sang - Tome 01
La nuit du tueur de loups
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782331007873
François Corteggiani, Marc Malès Glenat BD COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS 02/15/1986 General/Trade
L'état providence
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246307396
François Ewald Grasset FICTION 02/12/1986 General/Trade
Toi, mon fils
ELECTRONIC BOOK, 9782246357797
Jean Bothorel Grasset 02/12/1986 General/Trade
Dreamer's Dictionary
MASS MARKET, 9780446342964
Stearn Robinson, Tom Corbett Grand Central Publishing BODY, MIND & SPIRIT 02/11/1986 General/Trade
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