Copyrights and Permissions

Hachette Book Group permissions are handled by:
The Permissions Company
Attn: Frederick T. Courtright
e-mail: Frederick T. Courtright

If you would like to use part of a book, please fax the details of your request to (570) 839-7488 you may use the form that we provide.

Please include: your mailing address
title and author of our publication
specific quotation/excerpt, including page number(s)
your publisher (formal permission is not required until you have secured a publisher)
title of your work
length of your work
estimated print run of first edition
publication date
area of distribution: U.S. only, North America, world

For classroom use please fax: title and author
specific excerpt, including page number(s)
estimated number of photocopies to be made
For more information on Copyrights and Permissions Inquires, please email Frederick T. Courtright

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