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Max Alexander - Race Point Publishing

Jill Bulgan has been knitting for 48 years, since first starting at 4 years of age. Jill is a Scot married to a Turk living in London, England, with three children and one grandchild. Jill is never not knitting (even on the bus!). You can find her on as "Knit with Jill." Jill loves all forms of crafting, and she is currently pursuing patchwork and quilting. She hopes to write her own knitting book in the near future. Jill is dedicated to passing on to the next generation her knowledge and knitting skills. Noelle Woosley (knitter) is a young actress from South London, England, and the proud owner of Percy the Pug. When it came to the matter of dressing him, she struggled with sizing; hence, she learned to knit in order to provide bespoke, comfortable pieces for him. If you would like a handmade piece for your dog or are having trouble with any patterns in the book, you can contact her via the "Bespoke Doggy Knitwear by Noelle" Facebook page.Rachael Matthews is an artist and author, with a primary interest in knitting. Born in the Lake District in England, she grew up with an interest in textile traditions and romanticism. The founder of Cast Off Knitting Club for Boys and Girls, she was a pioneer in the new wave of KIP and the author of two books that illustrated the movement, Knitorama and Hookorama. Rachael uses knitting and crochet as sculpture and painting, and knitted garments are illustrations for stories. Rachael runs Prick Your Finger, an ethical yarn shop and textile gallery in East London, which sources fibers and handspins its own yarns.Max Alexander (knitter) started designing and making jewelry for knitters in 2009. Max loves knitting, and the designs sprang out of a desire to wear something wooly, even when it was too warm for knitwear. In 2011, Max made the knitted knitting octopus, which featured in many craft blogs. Max also makes large knitted sculptures and knitted stop-motion animations (knitimations), winning Best Animation at The National Student Film Festival in 2007 and 2008, as well as Best Music Video in 2008. Claire Lloyd Davies (photographer) is a lifestyle photographer living in Hampton, England, with Tilly, her cocker spaniel. Claire studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and Salisbury Art College in England. A woman who loves a challenge, Claire has made a living out of breaking the rule of never working with children or animals. She travels internationally for her work on a range of magazines and books and can be contacted through her website at, where some examples of her other work can be found.