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Leonardo Fioravanti

Leonardo Fioravanti was born in Milan in 1938. A graduate in mechanical engineering, he worked with Pininfarina for 23 years, where he personally designed some of the most famous Ferraris, until he became the managing director of Pininfarina Studi & Ricerche SpA. From 1988 to 1991 he worked for the Fiat Group, first as deputy director general of Ferrari and managing director of Ferrari Engineering, later becoming responsible for advanced design and CRF; after that he became director responsible for the Fiat Car Styling Centre. In 1987, he founded Fioravanti srl as a studio of architecture and in 1991 he broadened the company's industrial services activity, especially the design of means of transport. He collaborated with the world's most prominent car manufacturers and has registered over 30 international patents, not only in the automotive field.