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Deborah Ashin

Dr. Pamela Carlton, a specialist in adolescent eating disorders, is on staff at Stanford University School of Medicine where she developed and currently directs the Adolescent Eating Disorder Parent Education and Support Program. Over the last decade, Dr. Carlton has treated hundreds of children and adolescents with eating disorders as well as guided parents through the maze of eating disorder treatments. She is invited to speak at major eating disorder conferences and also consults with eating disorder programs across the country. Dr. Carlton graduated from the University of Southern California School of Medicine and did her pediatric and adolescent medicine training at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Deborah Ashin is a marketing consultant in healthcare and high-tech with a background in print and broadcast journalism. Ms Ashin has a master's degree in journalism from UCLA, and has published books for Chronicle Books and the Getty Press.

Contributor residences (city, state or country if outside the US or Canada):
Carlton: Palo Alto, CA
Ashin: Washington State