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Bruce Arrigo

T. R. Young is a founding member of the Red Feather Institute. He has taught at the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Colorado, Texas Women's University, and Vermont University. His recent books include The Drama of Social Life: Essays in Post-Modern Social Psychology (1990) and Chaos Theory and the Drama of Social Change: Essay in Postmodern Philosophy of Science (1992). Bruce Arrigo is professor of social psychology and criminology and director of the Institute of Psychology, Law and Public Policy at the California School of Professional Psychology/Fresno. His recent books include Madness, Language and the Law (1993) and The Contours of Psychiatric Justice: A Postmodern Critique of Mental Illness, Criminal Insanity and the Law (1996). J. E. Kaufmann is the author of five books on fortifications, including the highly successful Medieval Fortress , and is a widely acknowledged expert on the topic. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.