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Antonio Akkermans

Has been kayaking - from freestyle to World Championship level - for over 30 years. He is also a writer and model in extreme sports and outdoor rescue and is the author of The Practical Guide to Kayaking & Canoeing (Hermes House).

Antonio studied survival skills under Ofer Israeli and Tom Brown for more than 6 years, and set up the Wild-Live School, where he teaches bush craft skills such as flint-knapping and bow-making. He is an instructor at the annual Wilderness Gathering in England.

Bob Morrison is a military photojournalist and editor of Combat & Survival and Military Editor of Land Rover Monthly. He runs the specialist Military Scene images library. He has covered many military conflicts and witnessed how civilian populations adapt to combat zones.

Harry Cook is Chief Instructor of the Seijinkai Karate-do Association, dedicated to the practice of traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial arts. He is author of The Precise History of Shotokan Karate and other martial arts books, and writes for Europe’s leading martial arts magazine Fighting Arts International.