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Amicus Arcane

Amicus Arcane:

Little is known about the dearly departed Amicus Arcane, save for his love of books. As the mansion librarian, both in this life and the afterlife, Amicus has delighted in all forms of the written word. However, this librarian's favorite tales are those of terror and suspense. After all, there is nothing better to ease a restless spirit than a frighteningly good ghost story.

John Esposito:
When John Esposito met Amicus Arcane on a midnight stroll through New Orleans Square, he was so haunted by the librarian's tales that he decided to transcribe them for posterity. John has worked in both film and television, on projects such as R.L. Stan's The Haunting Hour, Teen Titans, and the webisodes for The Walking Dead, for which he won consecutive Writer's Guide Awards. John lives in New York with his wife and children, and still visits with Amicus from time to time.

Kelley Jones:
For the illustrations accompanying his terrifying tales, Amicus Arcane approached Kelley Jones, an artist with a scary amount of talent. Kelley has worked for every major comic book publisher but is best known for his definitive work on Batman for DC Comics. Kelley lives in Northern California with his wife and children and hears from Amicus every October 31st, whether he wants to or not.