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Sean Desmond
Editorial Director, Twelve

My twenty-two-year path in publishing has taken me from W.W. Norton to ICM, to St. Martin’s, to Crown and now to my current role as Editorial Director for Twelve Books. The mission and boutique nature of Twelve is an editor’s dream—Twelve is a terrific home for authors to receive excellent attention and every chance to succeed with their writing. My job is to keep Twelve’s tradition of bestsellers and “conversation” books going strong. I am looking far and wide for the best nonfiction—politics, sports, history, current affairs, memoir, biography, science, and culture. The abiding principle: singular books by authors who have a unique perspective and compelling authority; works that explain our world; that illuminate, inspire, provoke, and entertain.

I have worked on a number of major bestsellers including: Decision Points by President George W. Bush, the forthcoming Al Franken, Giant of the Senate by Senator Al Franken, And the Good News Is… by Dana Perino, 13 Hours by Mitch Zuckoff, and The Way Forward by Speaker Paul Ryan. 

Other authors I have worked with include: Michael Beschloss, Condoleezza Rice, Maureen Dowd, Charles Krauthammer, David Sanger, Alyssa Mastromonaco, John Dickerson, Barbara Ehrenreich, Michael Morell, Russ Feingold, Max Brooks, Richard Wolffe, Ken Gormley, Henry Paulson, Peggy Noonan, Jack Hitt, Harold Ford, Jr., Magic Johnson, Laszlo Bock, Robert McKee, Anne Kornblut, Chris Dodd, John Podesta, Glenn Greenwald, Stan Greenberg, Byron Dorgan, Kenny Mayne, Joe Conason, Brian Windhorst, Johnnie Cochran, and Ralph Nader. 


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