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Jamie Raab
President and Publisher

When I joined this company over twenty-five years ago, it was a successful reprint house with a relatively new hardcover list that made an immediate mark with such bestsellers as Megatrends, Fit for Life, and The Bridges of Madison County. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing and participating in the company’s phenomenal growth and diversification. Today we are a major force in the publishing world, with a list that showcases an impressive range of fiction and nonfiction in all formats. From #1 New York Times bestsellers to #1 Indie picks; from some of the best commercial fiction to remarkable literary works; from newer imprints such as Twelve and Grand Central Life & Style to our well-established business list; from reprint classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird to the biggest “event” books of each season, we have grown into a publisher that currently boasts one of the most eclectic and exciting lists in the business. Most recently, we have launched Forever Yours, an ebook romance imprint that builds on our successful and growing Forever romance program. And we fully intend to continue to publish intelligently and aggressively, and even break some new ground as we move into the future.

As president and publisher, I direct our hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market programs, and manage to find time for my first love, which is working directly with authors. Some of the authors I’ve had the privilege of acquiring and/or editing include Sandra Brown, Stephen Colbert, Jeffery Deaver, Nelson DeMille, Jane Goodall, Kitty Kelley, Brad Meltzer, Michael Moore, Robin Roberts, Anne Rivers Siddons, Nicholas Sparks, Jon Stewart, Lalita Tademy, and Amy Sedaris.

I wear my emotions on my sleeve when I read, so I am drawn to thrillers that truly terrify me, love stories that move me deeply, books of humor that make me laugh all the way through, and political books (all sides of the spectrum) that ignite my outrage. I love books with storylines and distinctive voices, and I am hoping there are some brilliant new novels and hard-hitting works of nonfiction in my future, as well as the future of the editors you will meet on the pages that follow.

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Beth deGuzman
VP, Editor-in-Chief, Paperbacks

As Vice President, Editor-in-Chief of paperbacks at Grand Central Publishing, I oversee our trade paperback and mass market programs, plus I work closely with Digital Sales on backlist promotions. There’s so much variety in what I do, so many ways to get involved in generating excitement about our books—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  One minute I could be strategizing with the Forever editorial director on the expansion of our romance program, and the next I’ll be conferring with Sales on movie tie-in editions. Then it’s time to review a young editor’s offer letter, brainstorm with Publicity on online outreach, sign off on cover copy, and put the finishing touches on a pre-sales presentation. I also work very closely with James Patterson and Michael Connelly on their paperbacks.

I’ve been in publishing long enough to have edited nearly 40 New York Times bestsellers, and finding great voices and great stories is as thrilling now as it was back then. Some of my books and authors: Chelsea Handler and her GCP imprint; CeeLo Green; the Robert Ludlum novels; Kimberla Lawson Roby; comedian Josh Wolf’s It Takes Balls; Drusilla Campbell, who writes issue-oriented women’s fiction; Dolls Behaving Badly, the debut novel by Pushcart Prize nominee Cinthia Ritchie; and The Survivors Club, by Ben Sherwood.

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Deb Futter
Vice President, Editor-in-Chief, Hardcovers

The first book i ever cried over was The Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I was a young girl, and I sobbed uncontrollably in my childhood bedroom, utterly overwhelmed by my strong emotions. I have thought about that day many times in my publishing career because that moment probably dictated the course of my professional life.

I have been in the book business for 30 years, most of it spent—until January 2008—at a division of Random House, Inc.—first Bantam, then Doubleday, then “Little” Random, then back to Doubleday. Mainly, I have edited fiction—Jane Hamilton (A Map of the World), Pete Dexter (Train), Sebastian Faulks (Engleby), Christina Schwartz (Drowning Ruth), Patrick McGrath (Asylum), Chitra Divakaruni (Queen of Dreams), and Jonathan Dee (The Liberty Campaign). I’ve also edited a few kids’ books—Steve Martin and Roz Chast (The Alphabet From A to Y with Bonus Letter Z!), Katie Couric (The Brand New Kid), Jeff Moss (The Other Side of the Door) and also some memoirs: She’s Not There by Jennifer Finney Boylan and Slow Motion by Dani Shapiro. I’ve even done my share of nonfiction as well—Peggy Orenstein (School Girls), Deborah Tannen (The Argument Culture), and Abigail Pogrebin (Stars of David). Since joining GCP, I’ve edited Spooner by Pete Dexter, Roses by Leila Meacham, Innocent by Scott Turow, Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres, An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin, The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon, Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta, A Natural Woman by Carole King, and You Came Back by Christopher Coake, among many others.

Besides being incredibly well-written, all of these books have one thing in common: a strong pull of emotions—which comes out either as laughter or tears. I am so happy to be at Grand Central Publishing as VP and Editor-in-Chief, Hardcovers, where I can continue to publish books that pull on readers’ heartstrings and examine the human condition as well as shape the list with the GCP editorial team. The Little Princess—blessedly—led me to a life in books, and I thank her for that.

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Karen Murgolo
Vice President and Editorial Director

I love books that make me think about everyday life in a different way:  whether it’s Katrina Kenison’s Gift of an Ordinary Day, or Gwyneth Paltrow’s My Father’s Daughter.  Both these books inspired me to realize the preciousness of each day with our families, and both offer ideas on how to nurture them.  I strive to publish books that help readers live a fuller, more creative life.  So I am very happy to be Editorial Director of the Grand Central Life & Style imprint, whose mission is to publish the most exciting and authoritative authors in the lifestyle and wellness categories.  I specialize in and am always looking for strong, original books in the food, style, self-help, mind-body, relationships, home, and pet subject areas. 

Some of the books I’ve recently edited include:  Gwyneth Paltrow’s My Father’s Daughter, Roberto Martin’s Vegan Cooking for Carnivores, Randy Fenoli’s It’s All about the Dress,  and Dave Nasser’s Giant George:  Life with the World’s Largest Dog.  I am currently working on cookbooks with Daniel Boulud, Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay, Melissa and Emily Elsen (of Four & Twenty Blackbirds Cafe fame, and a new book by Gwyneth Paltrow).   And I have been lucky enough to have worked with wonderful authors like Charla Krupp, Bobbi Brown, Barbara Corcoran, and Kathleen Turner. 

In addition to my work on books in the Grand Central Life & Style imprint, I also edit some narrative nonfiction and memoirs for Grand Central.  I am drawn to the revealing, inspirational memoir.  I have edited Pulitzer Prize nominee Regina Brett’s bestseller, God Never Blinks, and her new book, Be the Miracle.  And I am currently working on a memoir from Glamour woman of the year, Dr. Hawa Abdi, who has courageously saved 90,000 displaced people in Somalia, offering medicine, education and refuge despite being threatened by the rebels in her country. 

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Emi Battaglia
Vice President and Associate Publisher

In my role as Vice President and Associate Publisher for Grand Central Publishing, I direct the entire range of marketing strategy and activities for the company and all books on our lists. I work closely with the publisher, authors, and editors, and with the heads of sales, advertising/promotion, account marketing, publicity and online marketing. It is a unique role and one I relish.

I joined the company in 1994 as VP/director of publicity and have been in my current position for seven years. I started my publishing career in 1984 and held positions at St. Martin’s Press, New American Library, Simon and Schuster and Goldberg McDuffie Communications, where as account executive I was involved with the launch of Martha Stewart Living magazine. I earned two LMP Awards for Excellence in Book Publicity, one in 1994 and again in 1996. I have worked with many notable authors, including Jack Welch, Kitty Kelley, Michael D. Eisner, Maria Shriver, Bill Gates, Michael Moore, David Baldacci, and Brad Meltzer.

After having worked in publicity for over 20 years, I have a unique sense of how to position a book in-house and for the media. The most exciting part of my job is watching a promotable author deliver his or her message through the media to book buyers.

Looking to the future on the acquisition side, I am particularly interested in newsmakers and current events and celebrity-driven popular culture.

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Rick Wolff
Vice President and Executive Editor

Like you, I love a good story. And I especially love it when I hear a fascinating tale and begin to wonder whether that story might make for a terrific book. Over the years, whenever I get that phone call or email or meet over lunch with a literary agent who starts by saying "Wait 'til you hear this..." I immediately perk up.

To me, that's the very best of the book publishing process: when that initial story line is first presented. Suddenly, the gears begin to crank up, the light bulbs flash on, and a spring of pure and genuine enthusiasm begins to bubble up from within. I just love that sensation.

During my tenure here at Grand Central, I've been very fortunate to have enjoyed that experience a number of times: the former Secretary of the Treasury decides that he wants to set the record straight on what really happened behind the scenes on Wall Street and in Washington during the financial disaster of 2008-09 (On the Brink, by Hank Paulson)...the CEO of TD Ameritrade walks away from his high-powered position to pursue his true love in life, that of coaching college football (4th and Goal, by Monte Burke) of the iconic newscasters of our time comes forth to tell his unflinching story of why he was let go by CBS (Rather Outspoken, by Dan Rather)...a brilliant young college professor contends that the Steve Jobs urging to "chase your passion in life" is actually bad career advice (So Good They Can't Ignore You, by Cal Newport)...

Because I used to play and coach professional baseball, some agents have labeled me as being only a "sports and business" editor. But in truth, my acquisition tastes are quite eclectic. I acquire mainstream and narrative nonfiction in a variety of areas, including autobiography, politics, humor, education, psychology, parenting, true-life action/adventure, and of course, sports and business.

In the fall of 2000, I launched our business book imprint. Business Plus started off with two major blockbusters: Jack Welch's business memoir (Jack: Straight from the Gut), which sold close to a million copies in hardcover; and Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which has also sold millions. Over the years Business Plus has published dozens of New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Businessweek bestsellers, and in keeping pace with our success, our business list has expanded dramatically in recent years. In other words, I'm always looking for a good story.

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John Brodie
Executive Editor

When I broke the news to my six-year-old son, Nicholas, that his dad was leaving a career in magazines to become a book editor, he asked me, “Fiction or Nonfiction?” (These terms had come up a few weeks earlier when he informed me that one of his classmates had arrived at school in a flying car.)

“Nonfiction,” I replied.

“Aw. That’s too bad. You’ll be at the office late more often,” Nicholas said. “Dad, don’t you know it is much easier to make up stories than to tell true ones?”

He was right. There have been more than a few late nights in building a list of authors who will hopefully become as beloved as Laura Hillenbrand, Michael Lewis, and David McCullough are to today’s readers. But the rising stars on my list make the work all worthwhile.

A few to keep an eye out for include Adam Lashinsky, who delivered a New York Times bestseller with Inside Apple; and Anita Raghavan, an award-winning Wall Street Journal and Forbes alumna. Her first book is a page-turning account of the rise of the Indian-American business elite and the fall of the Galleon hedge fund. There’s also Rod Dreher, a columnist for the American Conservative, whose recounting of his sister’s life and death in a small Louisiana town reminds me what community, faith and family can mean in a fast-paced, switched-on world.

My authors tend to fall into one of two camps: fellow journalists whom I rubbed elbows with (or admired from afar) during my years as a writer and editor at Fortune, GQ, and SPY. Or they tend to be folks who have had success in other fields and are now sharing their hard-earned wisdom. My tastes are eclectic. Subject-wise, I gravitate to business, history, biography, current events, politics, technology, humor and pop culture. And if you happen to have a great book about flying cars, please send it my way, as that kind of acquisition would undoubtedly impress my six-year-old.

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Ben Greenberg
Senior Editor

I joined the GCP editorial team in October 2003. I acquire mainly in the areas of narrative nonfiction, humor, politics, music, memoir, and commercial fiction. Recent successes include Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes, which debuted at #2 on the New York Times bestseller list; Demetri Martin’s This is a Book, which was a NYT bestseller and was excerpted in the New Yorker; Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which debuted at #4 on the NYT hardcover fiction bestseller list and remained there for 15 consecutive weeks (and is now a major motion picture produced by Tim Burton); Ron Paul’s The Revolution: A Manifesto, End the Fed, and Liberty Defined, all NYT bestsellers; I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne, a #2 New York Times bestseller; and the New York Times bestselling I Drink for a Reason by comedian David Cross.

Some upcoming books that I’m very excited about are: Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity, which is Time columnist Joel Stein’s hilarious and poignant first book; New York Times reporter Brian Stelter’s The Top of the Morning, a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the world of morning television; Hitmaker, a memoir by game-changing record producer Tommy Mottola; NYT Dealbook reporter (and author of The Unlikely Disciple) Kevin Roose’s Crash Babies, a narrative exploration of post-crash young Wall Street culture; The Lords of Salem, the first novel from horror auteur Rob Zombie; The Emerald Triangle by Emily Brady, a narrative look at a town that has functioned for decades on a marijuana economy; Gone Till November by Lil Wayne, a candid account of his 8 months spent on Rikers Island; Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, based on their hit IFC show; Mommy, What’s a Questlove by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, an ethnomusicological cultural treatise; Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty by Harris Wittels, based on his popular and trendsetting Twitter feed; Marine Lt. Mike Scotti’s The Blue Cascade: A Memoir of Life After War—a searing memoir about the trouble of life post-combat; legendary Deep Thoughts and New Yorker writer Jack Handey’s The Stench of Honolulu—his first novel; as well as new books from Jimmy Fallon (Thank You Notes 2), Seth Grahame-Smith (Unholy Night), Demetri Martin (Point Your Face at This), David Cross, and Michael Showalter.

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Mitch Hoffman
Executive Editor

I acquire books across a wide range of categories, including commercial fiction, politics, current events, narrative nonfiction, and popular culture.

Whether a book is fiction or nonfiction, the work of a debut novelist or an established brand-name author, a high-concept thriller or provocative investigative journalism, what I look for above all else are great storytellers—writers who entertain us, who inform us, and inspire us.

My authors at GCP include New York Times bestsellers Jeff Abbott, David Baldacci, Roger Ebert, Tom Rob Smith, and Don Winslow. Forthcoming projects include Ed Falco’s The Family Corleone (a prequel to The Godfather based on a Mario Puzo screenplay), progressive talk show host Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal, and debut novelist Sandi Tan’s The Black Isle.

I also oversee a new list of foreign crime, suspense, and thrillers in translation, published jointly with Little, Brown Book Group UK, which will launch in 2013.

Previously, I was at Dutton, where my list of New York Times bestselling authors included Harlan Coben, Al Franken, Raymond Khoury (author of The Last Templar), John Lescroart, and Wendy Northcutt (author of The Darwin Awards franchise).

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Amy Pierpont
Executive Editor

I’ve been a reader of women’s fiction since I was a young girl, probably too young to be reading some of the titles I’d sneak from the library! I enjoy all types of books now—both fiction and non-fiction, but my reading habit has always veered toward stories that are uplifting, hopeful, and inspiring.

Coming to Grand Central Publishing in 2007 as editorial director of Forever, Grand Central’s romance imprint, was a dream opportunity for me. In overseeing the Forever program, as well as the digital-only imprint Forever Yours, I get to work with the most talented editors and writers in the best pursuit—sharing stories of love and laughter with readers.

Between our print and digital imprints, Forever publishes over 100 titles a year, which makes for busy, but very exciting days. At any given moment I can be found at a cover photo shoot, or in promotion and marketing planning sessions, or plotting out social media events. Finding the best ways to introduce readers to our exceptional list of authors is one of the favorite parts of my day, as I like nothing better than placing a wonderful novel into the hands of an eager reader.

As an editor, I am most taken with writers who have a crystalline voice, one that engages from the very first page. I’m lucky to work with some of the best names in romance at GCP: New York Times bestselling authors Elizabeth Hoyt, Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, as well as Anna Campbell, Eileen Dreyer, and Roxanne St. Claire on the Forever list.

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Helen Atsma
Senior Editor

I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Oregon, and while my family wasn’t often able to take vacations, I traveled the way I still do: through great storytelling. I look for projects—fiction, memoir, and narrative nonfiction—that transport me, taking me to a different place or era, or through a powerful human experience.

I joined GCP in the fall of 2010, and I’m looking forward to publishing novels by Whiting Award and Plimpton Prize winner Benjamin Percy (Red Moon), New York Times bestselling author Tiffany Baker (The Gilly Salt Sisters), Kathleen MacMahon (This Is How It Ends, with rights sold to more than twenty territories), and Jami Attenberg (The Middlesteins). On the nonfiction side, my list includes forthcoming memoirs by Rhoda Janzen and Dave Bry, and the story of the remarkable wives of the NASA astronauts of the 60s (Lily Koppel’s The Astronaut Wives Club).

As a Senior Editor at Henry Holt, my authors included Rhoda Janzen (Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, a #1 New York Times bestseller), Eugenia Kim (The Calligrapher’s Daughter, winner of the Borders Original Voices Award for Fiction), Charles J. Shields (And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life, a New York Times Notable Book), and Catherine O’Flynn (What Was Lost, winner of the Costa First Novel Award).

I cut my editorial teeth as an assistant at Little, Brown, and attended the Jerusalem International Book Fair as an Editorial Fellow in 2009.

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Selina McLemore
Senior Editor

I worked at Harlequin Books and HarperCollins Publishers before joining GCP in 2007. During my time here I’ve been lucky enough to work on books I know I’ll remember forever—award-winning debut novels, inspiring narrative nonfiction, and new novels from bestselling authors I’ve read and loved for years. My list is focused on contemporary and historical commercial women’s fiction, and I’m always looking for the next great book club book.

Something else to know about me: I’m a romance junky. And through Forever, our dedicated romance imprint, I get to indulge in this guilty pleasure every day. I acquire every kind of romance—contemporary, paranormal, romantic suspense—but I love historical romance most of all. I'm excited to have discovered national bestselling author Jennifer Haymore, whose novels redefine where the romance genre can go, and to have brought New York Timesbestselling author Stella Cameron back to our romance list.

Some of the other authors I’ve had the privilege of working with are New York Times bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby, USA Today bestselling author Amanda Scott, and critically acclaimed authors Drusilla Campbell and Leila Cobo

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Michele Bidelspach

I acquire and edit romances for our Forever line and I love doing it. After all, what’s better than spending your professional life fine-tuning love stories, one happy ending at a time? Whether it’s rugged cowboys, kilted Highlanders, dark demons, Regency rakes, or Navy SEALs, I haven’t met a hero I didn’t like. I’ve had the pleasure of working with such amazing talents in women’s fiction and romance here, authors like New York Times bestsellers Paula Quinn and R.C. Ryan, USA Today bestseller Sue-Ellen Welfonder, RITA-nominated Jane Graves, as well as award-winning authors Christie Craig and Vicky Dreiling, and, like a vampire, I’m always looking for new blood.

But woman cannot live on romance alone. I’m also looking for women’s fiction with a strong voice, unforgettable characters, and a great hook à la Emily Giffin, Jodi Picoult, and Marisa de los Santos. I was incredibly fortunate to work with David Cristofano on his debut novel, The Girl She Used to Be, about a woman who was raised in the Witness Protection Program, which was met with lovely reviews and an Edgar nomination. I’m also on the look out for great nonfiction: pop culture, self-help in women’s issues, and narrative nonfiction that’s unique and quirky.

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Emily Griffin

I joined the company in 2003 and i’ve built a list that’s about half fiction and half non-fiction, with a particular interest in narrative non-fiction, memoir, and popular science. As I continue to build my fiction list for both the hardcover and trade paperback programs, I’m on the lookout for upmarket women’s fiction with a strong voice and beautifully written novels with a mystery element in the vein of Tana French or Kate Atkinson.

I recently published the runaway success Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, by Larry Levin, a New York Times bestseller for 14 weeks in hardcover and paperback. In 2012, I’m thrilled to be publishing, among others, Call of the Mild: Learning to Hunt My Own Dinner by Lily Raff McCaulou, an exploration of the ethics of hunting already praised by Ian Frazier and Bill McKibben; and I Couldn’t Love You More by Jillian Medoff, which Jodi Picoult calls “a wonderful novel.”
Other projects in the pipeline include two books affiliated with the popular feminist website; a newsworthy memoir by Lauren Drain, a young woman who spent her formative years in the Westboro Baptist Church before being cast out for questioning its tenets; and debut novels from journalists Kristyn Kusek Lewis and Katrina Onstad.

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Alex Logan
Associate Editor

I began my career as a bookseller at Borders in Chicago and was promoted to buyer in Ann Arbor. I then made the move to NYC and Random House Audio, where I was an acquiring editor. At Hachette, I spent two years at Bulfinch Press before moving to Grand Central Publishing. Here, I work on women’s fiction of all kinds; I edited the RITA-nominated Your Roots Are Showing by Elise Chidley and am currently working with USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis. But my first love is thrillers (favorites include Daniel Silva and Michael Connelly), and I am looking forward to the publication of my first supernatural thriller, Blood Prophecy by Stefan Petrucha.

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Latoya Smith
Associate Editor

I started my editorial career as an administrative assistant to New York Times bestselling author Teri Woods at Teri Woods Publishing in 2003. I graduated Cum Laude from Temple University in August of 2005 before joining the Grand Central Publishing team in 2006. In the five years I’ve been at GCP, I’ve landed New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber in a three-book deal and have acquired and inherited a growing list of authors, including HoneyB, the pseudonym of New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison; Kia DuPree, whose Silenced is a Library Journal Best Books 2011: Genre Fiction pick; Rochelle Alers, the company’s first African American romance author; and Cynthia Garner, a critically acclaimed paranormal romance author.  I am currently seeking mainstream romance and erotica in short and long form, in addition to African American romance, fiction and nonfiction.

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Dianne Choie
Assistant Editor

I joined Grand Central’s editorial team in 2008 after three and a half years at Doubleday. I now edit mystery series writers M. C. Beaton and Marcia Muller, and I’ve acquired David Yoo’s The Choke Artist, a collection of hilarious essays about being a self-sabotaging, self-deprecating underachiever who still can crack wise from his permanent temp desk. I’m looking forward to finding more projects about outsiders, freaks (not you of course, Dave), the marginalized, and the overlooked—because those guys always have the best stories, whether they’re fiction or reality. Should those tales have a dash of pop culture savvy and a generous helping of humor, all the better.

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Amanda Englander
Assistant Editor

I think everyone who gets into publishing does so with the hope of discovering the next great American novel—me included. But since joining the GCP editorial team in 2008, I’ve sort of done the exact opposite. My focus is on practical non-fiction in the areas of style, lifestyle, diet, fitness, relationships, cooking, and food (I’m never offended if a proposal arrives with a treat). I’m also very tapped into pop culture, social media, and love a good blog-to-book translation. Projects that appeal to me have something new to say, are platform-driven, and embody a quality I like to call “prescriptive with personality.” I’m also drawn to inspirational and narrative nonfiction that either shares a personal story with a universal message, or relates an individual’s absolutely unbelievable experience.

Some favorite acquisitions on my list include the New York Times bestselling memoir Two Kisses for Maddy by Matthew Logelin; a reissue of the inspirational national bestseller First You Have to Row a Little Boat by Richard Bode (with a new foreword by the late Jeffrey Zaslow); an updated dating guide from The Rules authors Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, Not Your Mother’s Rules; a book of humorous essays by superstar fashion blogger Leandra Medine, Man Repeller; and a new lifestyle guide from celebrity stylist, reality TV star, and designer Rachel Zoe. I’ve also enjoyed working on projects such as The Good Daughter, Jasmin Darznik’s moving memoir of her mother’s secret life in and escape from Iran; Tanya Becker and Jennifer Maanavi’s ultimate barre workout fitness program, The Physique 57® Solution; and baby food blogger extraordinaire Maggie Meade’s Wholesome Baby Food Guide.

Editor Photo
Julienne Grey
Marketing Associate, Editorial Liaison

My publishing journey began in 2000 at Peter Mayer’s The Overlook Press, where I interned for six summers.  From there I joined publicity at Scribner, promoting bestselling authors like Steve Martin, Chuck Klosterman, and Michael Ruhlman.

Grand Central Publishing has been my happy home for the past four years.  I work closely with marketing, while also acquiring my own books.  This enables me to bring the eye of a marketer to the books I acquire.

The first book I brought to Hachette was Max Brenner’s Chocolate: A Love Story. Beyond chocolate, I have a diverse set of interests, and more than anything I am looking for illuminating nonfiction with an entertaining, strong voice. I am actively seeking narrative nonfiction, spanning politics, celebrity biography, gender studies, memoir, pop-culture, pop-science, and journalism.

Editor Photo
Kirsten Reach
Assistant Editor

I was delighted to join the team at gcp in august 2011 from Henry Holt & Co. and John Macrae Books. At Holt, I worked mainly with literary fiction and women’s fiction, including Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize and NBCC Award winner Wolf Hall, Bo Caldwell’s City of Tranquil Light, John Donatich’s The Variations, and Rachel Hore’s A Place of Secrets; a few memoirs such as Rhoda Janzen’s #1 New York Times bestseller Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, and Lorraine Ali’s memoir on the Iraqi Diaspora; as well as narrative nonfiction like Carl Safina’s The View From Lazy Point and Geoffrey O’Brien’s The Fall of the House of Walworth. I’m still closely tied to the Kenyon Review, after years of work there, and am always interested in authors who have roots in the literary magazine world. I’m also interested in writers who have a strong digital presence. In sum, I’m looking for fresh voices in women’s fiction or narrative nonfiction that incorporate stories about food, history, music, nature, astronomy, travels abroad, elements of mystery, friendships, love and family.

Editor Photo
Sara Weiss

I joined the Grand Central editorial department in 2007, and have been lucky to acquire and edit a wide range of titles in my four and a half years here. Fiction has always been my passion and I tend to gravitate towards novels in which setting plays an important role, or stories that feature quirky, colorful, and complex characters. Novels I’ve edited include Tiger Hills, a sweeping, romantic saga set in Southern India; Semi-Sweet, a story about a cupcake shop owner in a small Irish town; and These Days Are Ours, a coming-of-age novel reminiscent of Bright Lights, Big City. I’ve also worked on various nonfiction titles in my time at GCP and have loved doing so. I edited a book for the Business Plus list called Everything I Know About Business I Learned From the Grateful Dead and I’m looking forward to the publication of Marie Tillman’s The Letter, a moving memoir of love and loss by Pat Tillman’s widow. Going forward I’m interested in acquiring women’s fiction, as well as narrative nonfiction in the areas of pop-culture, memoir, food, and current events.

Editor Photo
Libby Burton
Editorial Assistant

I am thrilled to be a part of Twelve and Grand Central Publishing. Previously, I was at W.W. Norton & Company working on architecture and design books and books for professional therapists. I have also worked at the 92nd Street Y Unterberg Poetry Center, BOMB magazine, and Tupelo Press. I have an MFA in poetry writing—and a soft spot for thoughtful poetic epigraphs. Editorially, I am interested in unique literary fiction that is willing to take risks in both style and content, in addition to narrative nonfiction, smart humor, pop culture, and music.

Editor Photo
Megha Parekh
Editorial Assistant

The first thing you should know about me is that romance is my passion, whether it be historical, contemporary, paranormal, or erotica. So when I joined Grand Central Publishing in 2011, it was the perfect position for me. I have been very fortunate to work with some incredible bestselling authors such as Jill Shalvis, Amanda Scott, R. C. Ryan, and Jennifer Haymore. I love a complex plotline with strong romantic conflict, but mainly I have a weakness for mysterious tortured heroes. While I’m an avid romance reader, I also love a great thriller or an emotional women’s fiction novel. A few of my favorite authors are J. R. Ward, Kristen Hannah, Jennifer Crusie, and Harlan Coben.

Editor Photo
Lauren Plude
Editorial Assistant

I joined  Grand Central/Forever romance in 2010 where I’m now more than happy to spend my days editing  heroes and heroines to their happily ever afters. Most recently, I’ve expanded my editorial scope to include Grand Central’s new digital imprint, Forever Yours. As a part of the Grand Central team, I’ve been fortunate enough to edit some truly fabulous authors including Jennifer Delamere, Hailey Edwards, Lynnette Austin, and Cara Elliott. A die-hard romance junkie, I’m interested in acquiring all types of romance from action-packed romantic suspense and heartfelt contemporaries to atmospheric paranormals and sultry erotic romances. However, as a former history major, I do have a particular weakness for Scottish historicals.

Editor Photo
Lindsey Rose
Editorial Assistant

I joined the Grand Central editorial department in 2011, and since then have had the pleasure of working with wonderful authors including Preston and Child, Julianna Baggott, David Baldacci, Tom Rob Smith, Roger Ebert, the Robert Ludlum estate, and Nalo Hopkinson. Prior to coming to GCP, I worked at a boutique book publicity firm. After graduating magna cum laude from Connecticut College, I spent a year living in Paris and teaching English.

I’m interested in fiction with a strong narrative voice and great storytelling; in particular, upmarket women’s fiction and suspense fiction with unique characters. I’m also looking for narrative non-fiction including memoir, popular science, and pop-culture.

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Pippa White

I joined GCP editorial in early 2009, and have worked on a wide variety of books since then. What really excites me is when an author can convey some kernel of truth to the reader, be it humorous, earnest, painful, ugly, or beautiful. I am a sucker for elegant prose, so I love a story with rich descriptive detail. One recent acquisition that I am particularly excited about is the upcoming Books of Adam, an amusing account of twentysomething Adam Ellis’s misadventures in his attempt to embrace adulthood. Moving forward, I’m looking to acquire humorous memoirs or essay collections and quirky literary fiction. I tend to like dark, dry humor, but am also interested in anything with a bit of whimsy.


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Grand Central Publishing Acquires Memoir by Flea, Bassist and Founding Member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group, is pleased to announce the acquisition today of a memoir by Flea, the bassist and founding member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of the most prominent and successful bands of the last 30 years. Ben Greenberg, Executive Editor at Grand Central Publishing, acquired the world rights in an exclusive negotiation with David Vigliano of David Vigliano & Associates. A publication date has not yet been set for the as-yet untitled memoir. Hachette Audio will publish an audio edition. UK and Commonwealth rights were pre-empted by Sarah Emsley at Headline at the time of acquisition.

In his self-written memoir, Flea— who recently lit up social media with his viral post about the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 2014 SuperBowl performance— will share stories from his intense and dynamic life, including: his move from a “normal” upbringing in the suburbs of New York to Los Angeles to live a bohemian life with a jazz musician step-father; his young, rebellious life on the streets of LA where he befriends Anthony Kiedis and founds the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Kiedis and two other high school friends;  details about his sometimes complex friendship and collaboration with Kiedis; his myriad experiences with hard drugs; and, of course, the tumultuous creative journey of the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers through its various incarnations over the last 30 years, according to Flea. 

Of the acquisition, Greenberg said, “Grand Central is thrilled to publish Flea’s memoir. Besides being a voracious reader, he is an utterly unique musician, thinker, and creative force—whether with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Atoms for Peace, or his Silverlake Conservatory which fosters music education in Los Angeles. His story is epic.”

April 1, 2014

Hachette Book Group and Hachette UK's Orion Publishing Group Announce Global Acquisition of a New Trilogy by #1 Bestselling Romance Author Jodi Ellen Malpas

Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing (GCP), a division of Hachette Book Group, and Orion Books UK have acquired the world rights from Andrea Barzvi of Empire Literary to a new trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling THIS MAN erotic romance trilogy. At GCP, Beth de Guzman, VP, Digital and Paperback Publisher, acquired the North American and translation rights, and, Genevieve Pegg, Editorial Director for Orion Fiction, acquired the UK rights.

In North America, the as‐yet untitled trilogy will be published during a six‐month span: Book 1 in August 2014, Book 2 in November 2014, and Book 3 in February 2015. Leah Hultenschmidt, Forever’s Editorial Director, will edit, and the books will be published simultaneously in trade paperback and e‐book editions, a first for Malpas, who began her writing career as a self‐published e‐book author. Hachette Audio will release audio editions of the new series.

“The new trilogy follows the passionate love story of Livy and M,” says Beth de Guzman. “And M will thrill Jodi’s hundreds of thousands of fans. He’s a gentleman but aloof, well‐mannered but difficult—as complex and irresistible as This Man’s Jesse Ward. Just as the ‘Lord of the Manor’ was named in numerous reader lists as a favorite ’book boyfriend,’ so will the memorable M.”

March 26, 2014

Yen Press and Square Enix Launch International eBook Distribution

Yen Press, the graphic novel imprint of Hachette Book Group, and leading Japanese gaming and manga publisher Square Enix in conjunction with the Tuttle-Mori Agency announced today that their highly anticipated inter-corporate initiative for the global distribution of Square Enix's English language manga will commence on April 8th.

By virtue of this groundbreaking agreement, fans of Square Enix’s manga in over 200 countries will have access to the authorized, English-language ebook editions of 175 titles through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google and Kobo with new volumes available concurrently with future print releases. Launching first with internationally best selling series like Atsushi Ohkubo’s Soul Eater, Yana Toboso's Black Butler, and Yoshiki Tonogai's Doubt, Yen Press will roll out additional series weekly throughout the month of April with a blockbuster assortment that includes Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist, Jun Mochizuki's PandoraHearts, Ryukishi07's Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY, and Until Death Do Us Part by Hiroshi Takashige and DOUBLE-S. As an added bonus for fans, these ebook editions will include color pages not reproduced in the titles' print counterparts.

In addition to this ambitious launch of their cooperative digital publishing endeavor, Yen Press and Square Enix have also unveiled a program for the digital English language serialization of new chapters of two ongoing series – Atsushi Ohkubo's riotous successor to Soul Eater, Soul Eater NOT!, and Yoshiki Tonogai's latest mind-bending mystery thriller, Secret. Chapters not already contained in the collected volumes of these series will be released as digital comics in advance of the latest chapters slated for publication April 14th.

March 24, 2014