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Tim Holman
Senior Vice President and Publisher

I joined Orbit UK in 1992 and became editorial director of the imprint 1997. From 2006-2013 I was based in New York, launching Orbit within Hachette Book Group in the US. I am now based in London, and Publisher of the Orbit imprint in the UK, and the Orbit division (including the Redhook imprint) in the US.

I enjoy reading nearly all kinds of fiction, and as a publisher I am excited by the diversity of writing within the SF and Fantasy genres and its potential to appeal to a wide range of readers.

As publisher, I am involved with all aspects of Orbit’s publishing, including acquisitions, and continue to edit a small number of authors, including Kim Stanley Robinson and Tom Holt.

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Anne Clarke
Deputy Publisher

I began my Hachette career in February 2005, working on thrillers and crime fiction at Hodder & Stoughton for a few years before moving on to science fiction and fantasy as Editorial Director of Orbit UK. I then made the even bigger move from London to New York in August 2013, taking on the role of Deputy Publisher for the Orbit US division, and continuing to report to Orbit Publisher Tim Holman, only from the other side of the Atlantic.

As well as managing the Orbit/Redhook team, I edit a range of titles across various genres, including epic fantasy (Alex Marshall, Trudi Canavan), suspense (Adam Brookes, Hollie Overton) and cross-genre fiction such as The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey.

I particularly love commercial fiction that defies categorization and has characters who capture my heart as well as my attention.

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Brit Hvide

I joined the Orbit team in early 2016 where I was thrilled to embrace my truest, nerdiest self. Since then, I've worked with science fiction and fantasy legends like Alastair Reynolds, Brent Weeks, and N.K. Jemisin, and brought fresh debut voices to the list like David Mealing, Antonia Honeywell, and Nicholas Sansbury Smith. I like pacey, voicey speculative fiction, literary crossover fiction, and books about characters and by authors of diverse cultures and backgrounds. 

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Lindsey Hall

I joined Orbit in 2013, where I now acquire science fiction and fantasy as well as mainstream commercial fiction. I'm looking for fresh worlds, unique characters, and diverse voices.

For Orbit, I’m actively seeking standout fantasy, across the full range of the genre (huge epics; fast-paced adventures; gritty grimdark; fairytale retellings; fresh contemporary stories; lush literary fantasy). I'm drawn to character-driven stories, and some of my recent favorite reads are: A Darker Shade of Magic; Uprooted; Kings of the Wyld; The Name of the Wind; The Fifth Season. 

For Redhook, I’m looking for gripping commercial fiction, ideally something with elements of genre and crossover appeal, in the vein of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, Outlander, and Station Eleven. 

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Will Hinton

I joined Orbit in 2013 as an editor, where I’ve had the good fortune to see the cosmos with New York Times bestsellers Ann Leckie and James S.A. Corey, been guided through new lands by Daniel Abraham and James Islington, and enjoyed a front row seat to the apocalypse with New York Times bestseller Mira Grant and D.J. Molles. I love ambitious science fiction that takes you on an adventure, but also holds up a mirror to society and human nature, fantasy with a grand, fully-realized world, absorbing and unique characters/voices, and plenty of bloodshed, and the full range of speculative fiction that has a breakneck pace, characters who come alive, and an original voice that needs to be heard. 

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Bradley Englert
Associate Editor

I joined Orbit Books in 2016 as an associate editor. Prior to that, I was at Skyhorse Publishing where I worked in various genres, including epic fantasy (Michael R. Fletcher, Jeff Salyards), science fiction (Neal Asher, Sam McPheeters), and genre fiction that refused easy categorization like The Raft by Fred Strydom and Entropy in Bloom by Jeremy Robert Johnson. 

I love cutting edge fantasy, science fiction, and any speculative fiction with an original spin or voice that immediately grabs me and speeds me through the story.

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Sarah Guan
Associate Editor

I arrived at Hachette in 2016, where I edit science fiction and fantasy for Orbit and mainstream fiction for Redhook. 

For Orbit, I’m looking for science fiction and fantasy novels that ask hard questions about new technologies, social change, sentience, and the human capacity for empathy. I love thorough worldbuilding and compelling protagonists whose stories illuminate the societies they inhabit. Some of my favorite SFF authors are Ursula Le Guin, Guy Gavriel Kay, Margaret Atwood, N. K. Jemisin, and Ann Leckie.

I am always seeking diversity in all forms.


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