Rights and Permissions


If you would like to use part of a book, please fax the details of your request to (212) 364-0926. You may use the form on the copyrights and permissions page that we provide.

Please include:

  • your mailing address
  • title and author of our publication
  • specific quotation/excerpt, including page number(s)
  • your publisher (formal permission is not required until you have secured a publisher)
  • title of your work
  • length of your work
  • estimated print run of first edition
  • publication date
  • area of distribution: U.S. only, North America, world

For classroom use please fax:

  • title and author
  • specific excerpt, including page number(s)
  • estimated number of photocopies to be made

For more information on Copyrights and Permissions Inquires, please email permissions@hbgusa.com.


How to determine who holds Domestic and International Rights for individual titles.

Please visit our Rights page where you can find current Domestic and International Rights catalogs, in addition to a complete backlist catalog. Click Here to go to the Rights Page.


For sub-rights (serial rights for magazines and newspapers, audiobook licensing, British and translation rights, dramatic rights, and large-print book rights), please send the information above and your request to:

Little, Brown and Company (including Bulfinch and Orbit):
International Rights Questions - international.rights@littlebrown.com
Domestic Rights Questions - domestic.rights@littlebrown.com

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
International and Domestic Rights Questions - rights@lbchildrens.com

Grand Central Publishing (including Springboard Press, Twelve, FaithWords, and Center Street):

International Rights Questions - international.rights@grandcentralpublishing.com

Domestic Rights Questions - domestic.rights@grandcentralpublishing.com