Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see any questions in certain subjects in the FAQ section?

Many questions can only be seen once you've logged into the site.  

How quickly will my order ship once it is submitted?

  • Orders are entered within 2-3 business days of receipt and ship within 3 days of releasing to the warehouse. Rush orders (Overnight and Second Day Air) can be accommodated and orders can be shipped same-day if they are submitted by 11:30 pm EST/EDT.
  • New book run titles operate on a different billing schedule and are shipped based on the number of transit days to arrive by the "On Sale" date.
  • Gifting/gratis orders are not subject to this timeframe and can take longer depending on order volume.

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Can orders ship Ground the same day they are submitted?

  • Except for rare emergency situations, same-day Ground service is not available. However, HBG is usually able to enter urgent Ground orders the same day they are received and can ship them the following day.
  • Our usual Ground turnaround is quite fast and if we were to allow regular same-day Ground shipping, HBG’s overall efficiency and order turnaround time could be negatively affected.

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What is the transit time for Ground orders?

  • Generally, the West Coast is about 4 transit days, while the rest of the country is 1-3 transit days. Please contact Customer Service for an exact transit time estimate to a location.

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What is "Credit Hold" status?

  • An order on "Credit Hold" status is on hold for credit reasons. This means that the account is either under credit limit review or is currently over its credit limit. Either way, the credit department is the only department that can release the order. They can either take the account off "Credit Hold" when the issue is resolved or can release individual orders on a case by case basis and keep the "Credit Hold" status on the account. Customer Financial Services can be contacted directly regarding any credit issues.

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I need invoice copies, a statement, or have a question about my outstanding credit balance with HBG. Who can help me?

  • Customer Service can provide invoice copies via fax or email at
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgements and Shipment Notifications can also be automatically emailed directly to accounts.  Contact with the account number to set up these automatic emails.
  • Any other questions about account balances should be directed to Customer Financial Services.  Customer Financial Services can also provide a copy of the account's most recent statement.

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What is the Hot Title Program?

  • Hot Titles are designated by publishers as titles that need controlled releases.  When a Hot Title is ordered, it automatically goes on backorder, regardless of stock status.  Backorders are then reviewed by publishers and allocated at the publisher's discretion.

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