We're unable to offer direct online book sales at this time, either for consumers or for trade sales accounts. We do, however, offer bookseller directories for consumers which can be found on the Where to Buy page. Customer Service offers help with finding specific titles and order status information. You may contact them via e-mail or telephone: 800-759-0190 Booksellers interested in setting up accounts and ordering specific books should send email to customer.service@hbgusa.com. For information regarding discounts to corporations, organizations, non-bookstore retailers and wholesalers, mail order accounts, premium sales, and libraries, please send your inquiries to special.markets@hbgusa.com. For inquiries about the availability of a specific title in the U.S. or overseas, retailers and wholesales please send email to customer.service@hbgusa.com. Consumers can also send email to customer.service@hbgusa.com Our catalog is available for download to booksellers. Please go to Bookseller Services for more details.